SUVs tyres are different from car tyres as these are designed for different purposes. The buyers of car tyres don’t have much choice since they have to drive on roads and highways. However, SUV drivers can choose between highway driving and off-road driving. So, the decision they take has to be logical and smart. A 4×4 can go to uneven terrains such as mud, rocks or gravel. But what if you also want to drive on roads, will an SUV tyre allow you to drive on both?

We discuss all the questions that an SUV might have in this article.

Types of SUV tyres

SUV tyres come in the following types:

  • Highway SUV tyres
  • Mud SUV tyres
  • All-terrain SUV tyres

Highway tyres

Highway SUV tyres are designed for driving on roads and well-paved surfaces. Manufacturers craft these tyre to provide fuel-efficiency, road comfort and durability to the driver. These can perform in both wet and dry conditions. You can find a lot of variety of SUV tyres. Some tyres will focus on giving superior ride comfort by suppressing the vibration, while a few of these will focus on providing greater fuel-efficiency and longer mileage. High-quality SUV tyres can resist hydroplaning and uneven wear.


  • Provide great traction
  • Durable and long mileage
  • Offer driving stability on roads
  • Ride comfort
  • Low fuel consumption


  • Can take serious damage when you drive in off-road conditions

Mud Tyres

These are designed for uneven terrains and rough off-road conditions. Off-road tyres feature strong and aggressive tread pattern which resist any cutting or chipping and can withstand tough conditions. Mud tyres are also known as off-road tyres. These are speciality tyres which have a unique tread pattern to grip rough trails. Whether you want to maintain traction in soft sands or want to climb steep hills, mud tyres will work for you. The large grooves and gaps between the grooves allow them to channel any soft objects like sand, water or mud.

These tyres are ideal for 4×4 driver who like to explore different off-road locations.


  • Can maintain traction on different terrains
  • Can withstand tough off-road conditions 


  • The life of mud tyres is shorter than other tyres
  • They don’t offer the ideal road comfort 

All-terrain tyres or AT tyres

All-terrain tyres come somewhere in between these two. They provide optimal levels of traction on both roads and rough terrains. The tread in these tyres is versatile enough to grip any type of terrain.

Drivers who drive on both highways and rough trails, choose these tyres. The road comfort is not ideal as it is in highway SUV tyres. Obviously, you have to do some compromise if you want to drive on both terrains.

Just like off-road tyres, these are also equipped with features like reinforced internal seat belts or stone ejectors. The wraparound tread in the tyres allows it to grip a large area and to maintain traction on many challenging surfaces. 


  • Flexible and versatile enough to be driven on both terrains
  • More durable than mud tyres


  • Less road comfort than highway SUV tyres
  • Less gripping abilities on rough trails than mud tyres


SUV tyres come in numerous categories. You will find a lot of variety within these categories. Usually, compact SUVs like Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4 go well with highway tyres. While mid-size and large SUVs like Toyota Land Cruiser or Honda Pilot can be equipped with all-terrain tyres. SUVs which are equipped with the modern 4-wheel drive system may demand mud tyres as these can be driven in harsh off-road conditions.

The key to buying the ideal SUV tyres is knowing which one is right for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • On which terrain do I usually drive on?
  • What features are important to me? Durability, off-road traction, fuel-efficiency, road comfort or something else?

Once you are aware of your driving needs, you can make an informed decision and get the best SUV tyres for your vehicle. 


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