Facebook is the oldest and vast social network. It gives the advertiser an easy track from which they can post about their products not only on Facebook but all around the web. It is the best one for Shopify stores as well as it gives maximum conversions. If you want to start your business only then Shopify Facebook ads will be the best option. Before moving towards the main topic there are a few main things that you need to know if you want conversions. These are also known as organic best practices:

· Update daily:

When you work on Facebook make it clear in your mind that if you will not update it on daily basis you might not get more followers. If you want to stay active and have more followers you must stay active more often. You may post less material or you may engage the audience in some tests etc but you need to be there daily. 

· Keep eye on similar groups:

Joining similar groups can help you advertise your products or getting feedback on the products like yours. You get to know the trends, likes and dislikes so you can improve accordingly. There are certain Shopify groups on Facebook from where you may get free counselling. 

· Make the best use of messenger:

Chat is another popular form of communication nowadays. People prefer texting and asking about the product, calls are obsolete nowadays. So you must create automated responses to basic questions. You may include greetings if you are online that would be sent to your customers.

Apart from these things, there are other things that one must focus on to Shopify Facebook ads that convert. Below given is the list of a few things that need focus: 

1. Use accuracy when targeting:

When you work on Facebook Ads you will get to know that it has a wide range. All you need to focus on is the right targeting so that your ad reaches the right people. When you set the target according to the demand, you can get better click-through rate and high conversion rates.

For instance, if you want to sell a dress, you won’t only highlight women in a targeted area. You may highlight women of what particular age group, which region. If it’s a formal dress, further customize your options to working women and so on… This can increase your conversions and take them to an amazing level. When you know the options, you have highlighted then there are more chances for people to buy them. Since, you know who your customer’s age, region, and job so you can talk more accurately.

2. Keep checking audiences:

First, you need to get the maximum number of audiences. A precise number of audiences isn’t what you are looking for. You must have many audiences as your buyer personas. This means that there must be one main audience and two secondary ones. You need to keep a check on your CTR side by side while testing traits. The more the traits you will check, the more ideas you will get on the targeting traits.

3. Landing Page:

You may have the most auspicious ad in the entire world but if your landing page doesn’t load or it doesn’t work properly it is of no use. Let’s suppose your ad receives a lot of clicks but there are no conversions then it’s your landing page that is not working properly and you need to optimize it.

You may match the messaging of Ad with the landing page to confirm if both are working fine or there is an issue with any of them.

4. One Call-to-Action:

Fortunately, Facebook even offers one Call to action button, but you need to decide what should be your options. To get started with Shopify Facebook Ads that convert like crazy you must choose what your Call-to-action is and select that button for your ads. You also need to check if the call-to-action button and the images and content provided in Ad are inline or not.

5. Ads need your attention:

One thing that needs a lot of focus is that do not ever leave your ad on its own. This is one of the biggest mistakes that sellers are doing these days. Marketers nowadays think that spending money on ads is all it needs. But it’s not the case. Ads need your attention. You should be aware of what is happening on your site and must follow the other marketing techniques. You need to know what the ad is about and for whom. These days the customers not only click and buy the product but they read all the minute details. Along with the third part reviews of how the product is. Not only reviews they might be visiting another website for the same product for comparison. If their content and images are more eye-catching and appealing, they will move there.

To create Shopify Facebook Ads and get more conversion you need to keep your basics straight. Your landing pages must be working properly, your ads must attract the buyers. You must respond in time. Plus, you keep an equal check on cost per click, click-through rate, cost per action, and return on investment. There are certain Shopify apps for Facebook like Facebook Channel, Kit, Facebook Messenger Marketing, Facebook comments, etc. which can add to your ads and bring more conversions.


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