Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments such as sildenafil tablets have quickly become one of the most purchased medicines. This is because the stigma surrounding the condition is gradually fading away to reveal an influx of men that suffer from the condition.

Although the stigma is being eradicated, some men still find the topic highly sensitive, so their initial acceptance is followed by ignorance towards obtaining treatment. It is for this very reason that virtual platforms are the perfect sourcing agents of ED treatments.

An original package containing a dosage of sildenafil can be easily sourced from registered online pharmacies, which are open 24 hours a day–7 days a week. These accessible platforms have libraries of information and medication on their page which mimics the aisles of a pharmacy.

This ensures that consumers get an authentic pharmacy experience. In addition, the site has built-in navigational prompts and expertly trained customer service personnel on hand to guide consumers through the buying process.

The process takes less than 5-10 minutes and does not require any paperwork. Payments are made online through encrypted portals, deliveries are done through reliable service providers, and orders are neutrally packaged to protect patient’s privacy.

Sildenafil for Erectile Dysfunction

Treatments in the sexual disorder category are often confused with one another because they all seem to serve the same purpose however, they do not. Each sexual dysfunction treatment has its own purpose paired with a different mechanism of action. Erectile dysfunction medicines such as sildenafil are one of those treatments whose functions are misconstrued. Below is a comprehensive look at what the tablet can and cannot do.

The tablet can:

·         The treatment can help patients reduce their refractory periods. This allows patients to have sex soon after they have ejaculated/orgasmed.

·         The tablet can be used in adjuvant therapy to help manage, minimise or treat premature ejaculation.

·         The pill can help patients achieve and maintain rigid erections that are adequate for sexual intercourse.

The tablet cannot:

·         It cannot regulate sex drives or increase libido.

·         The treatment does not increase user’s stamina in bed, improve their physical capabilities or prevent them from getting tired during sex. 

·         Despite popular belief, this tablet cannot help users without ED last longer in bed. The tablet only influences patients with ED.

Experts Expand on the Proper Dosage of Sildenafil

The active ingredient in sildenafil, sildenafil citrate, is one of the most famous ingredients in the world of medicine. This ingredient is considered the driving force behind the popular ‘little blue pill’, Viagra’s success. It is found in Viagra’s and sildenafil’s composition making the tablets bioequivalent to each other. The agent significantly influences the abilities and effects of sildenafil.

The most efficient way to extract sildenafil’s effects is via accurate strength and dosage administration. Strength refers to the quantity of active ingredient in sildenafil. It can be found next to the name of the medication, e.g., sildenafil 50mg.

Below are recommended dosage guidelines:

·         Adults who are 18-64 years of age should start their treatment plan with a 50mg dose.

·         Patients who are older than 65 should start their treatment plan on a 25mg dose.

·         If needed, doses can be gradually increased to a maximum of 100mg after at least 7 administrations. Patients must take into consideration their response to the treatment before implementing a dosage increase.

·         The ideal dosage time frame is pinned at 30-60 minutes before intended sexual intercourse. However, patients can take the tablet up to 4 hours before sex.

This tablet is used on an as-needed basis and is typically not included in a daily dose regimen. A single dosage of sildenafil can only be used once in a 24-hour period.

How Long Does A Sildenafil Dosage Last?

When it comes to durational effects, sildenafil tablets are considered the gold standard. This is because the duration of effects is neither long nor short. Once consumed, the tablet produces effects within 30-60 minutes. These effects last for approximately 4-6 hours, giving users ample time to experiment and explore their sexual abilities.

Below is a further breakdown of effect time frames:

  • The effects of sildenafil are at their highest (peak concentration) 120 minutes after the initial dose is taken.
  • The effects of the pill can last up to 12 hours in certain users.
  • After 3 to 5 hours, the tablet reaches its half-life elimination point.

Although the above timeframes are expert derived estimations, there is no way to accurately determine how long the effects of the tablet last. This is because the duration of effects can differ from person to person depending on various factors such as the body’s metabolism, health status, BMI, and more.

The Effect of Sildenafil on Erections?

Some ED sufferers choose to reject treatment due to theories and assumptions that dictate that the tablet’s use leads to continuous erections, even after orgasm. This assumption is critically misguided as the agent is not designed to work in that way.

Numerous studies and experts reiterate the fact that the tablet only works via sexual stimulation. Once the user is stimulated and an erection is achieved, it subsides after the user orgasms. This leads to the initiation of the refractory period. This rest period is normal, with durations that differ from person to person.

If patients are still within the treatments effect timeframe, they can easily achieve an erection again if adequate stimulation is provided. This table depicts how long erections last when sildenafil for erectile dysfunction is used:

After a single dosage of sildenafilErection duration
No dose3 minutes
1 hour after the dose26 minutes
8 hours after the dose11 minutes
12 hours after the dose8 minutes

These timeframes show a significant improvement in erection duration after the treatment is consumed. These findings do not mean that the tablet extends the duration of erections instead, it depicts normal erection times of people affected by ED. The tablet reinstates and restores normal sexual functioning.

The word ‘normal’ in terms of sex differs from one person to another thus, patients cannot expect to achieve the exact durations mentioned above. However, their experience/durations will be similar as the statistic was taken from a randomised trial. 


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