Have you ever felt frustrated standing in long queues to pay bills or apply for government services in Bihar? Well, fret not because Bihar is gradually transforming into a digital hub with a plethora of online services available to its residents. From applying for certificates to paying taxes, the Bihar government has taken significant strides to make the lives of its citizens easier and more convenient.

The Digital Transformation in Bihar

In recent years, Bihar has witnessed a remarkable digital transformation, aiming to bring government services closer to the people. The state government has been proactive in launching various online portals and applications to facilitate seamless access to services. This initiative not only simplifies the process but also reduces the time and effort required to avail of essential services.

Key Initiatives by the Bihar Government

  1. Bihar e-District Portal: The e-District portal enables citizens to apply for various certificates like birth, death, caste, residence, etc., online without the need to visit government offices.

  2. Public Grievance Redressal System: The state government has established a platform where residents can register complaints and track their status online, ensuring timely resolution.

  3. Online Tax Payment: Individuals can pay property tax, water tax, and other municipal taxes through online portals, eliminating the need for physical visits to tax offices.

  4. e-Hospital Bihar: This portal allows residents to book online appointments, view lab reports, and access other healthcare services from the comfort of their homes.

  5. Bihar e-Salary Portal: Government employees can view their salary slips, GPF statements, and other financial details online through this portal.

How to Access Online Services in Bihar

Step-by-Step Guide to Availing Online Services

  1. Visit the Respective Portal: Identify the specific service you require and visit the corresponding online portal, such as the e-District portal for certificates.

  2. Register/Login: Create an account on the portal using your mobile number and email ID. For subsequent visits, you can log in with these credentials.

  3. Fill in Details: Enter the necessary details and upload any required documents as per the service’s guidelines.

  4. Payment (if Applicable): Some services may have associated fees that can be conveniently paid online using various payment modes.

  5. Track Application: After submission, you can track the status of your application online and receive notifications regarding any updates.

Benefits of Using Online Services in Bihar

Embracing online services in Bihar offers a multitude of benefits to its residents:

  • Convenience: No more visiting government offices and standing in long queues, as services are accessible from anywhere.

  • Time-Saving: Online services significantly reduce the time required to complete tasks, allowing individuals to focus on other priorities.

  • Transparency: The online system enhances transparency by providing real-time updates on the status of applications.

  • Cost-Effective: Avoid travel expenses and save on miscellaneous costs associated with in-person visits to government offices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are all government services in Bihar available online?

Not all services are available online yet, but the government is continuously adding more services to digital platforms to enhance accessibility.

2. Is it safe to provide personal information on these portals?

Yes, the Bihar government ensures data security and privacy compliance to safeguard the personal information provided by users.

3. Can I make online payments securely on these portals?

Yes, online payment gateways used by the portals are secure and encrypted to protect users’ financial information.

4. Do I need a digital signature to avail of online services in Bihar?

In most cases, digital signatures are not mandatory for accessing online services. Basic details and documents suffice for application submissions.

5. How can I receive the certificates/documents applied for online?

Once the application is processed, you can download the certificates/documents from the portal or receive them via email or physical mail, as per the service norms.

6. Are there any additional charges for using online services in Bihar?

While some services may have nominal processing fees, the majority of online services in Bihar are either free or have minimal charges for convenience.

7. Can I track the status of my application in real-time?

Yes, most online portals provide a tracking feature where applicants can monitor the progress of their applications and receive updates promptly.

8. Is there a helpline in case I face issues while using online services?

Yes, helpline numbers and email support are usually provided on the portals for users to seek assistance with any queries or technical difficulties.

9. Do I need to visit any government office even after applying online?

In most cases, once the application is submitted online, there is no need to visit any office unless specifically requested for further verification.

10. Can I provide feedback on the online services offered in Bihar?

Yes, feedback mechanisms are usually integrated into the portals for users to share their experiences and suggestions for improving the online service delivery system.

In conclusion, the digital landscape in Bihar is evolving rapidly, providing citizens with a convenient and efficient platform to access government services. By leveraging these online services, residents can save time, effort, and resources, thereby contributing to a more seamless administrative experience. As the state continues its journey towards digitization, it is crucial for residents to embrace and utilize these online platforms for a smoother and hassle-free interaction with government services.


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