A solid black cat may not be for everyone, but who can resist the persona of Bombay Cat? While lots of people prefer a more fluffy and furry feline, this feline also makes a good pet companion (read more). Its all-black color may look intimidating for some people, but once you get to know him, he will be the most loving, playful, and a loyal cat you can ever imagine. 

Many people love this breed not only for its unique color but also for its surprisingly great temperament and nature. Here is anything you need to know about the Bombay cat and how he makes a great pet. 

General Information

Bombay is a cross between a black American shorthair cat and stable Burmese. From this crossover, the Bombay cat is born, which physically looks like a mini black panther. Firstly bred in the late 1950s, and was later on acknowledged by the cat association in 1978. Though they have been known for a long time, surprisingly, they are still quite rare in North America and the United Kingdom. 


The breed has the look of a black panther yet has no single wild blood in its trait. In contrast, it makes a good family cat with the most loving personality. It inherited the laid black personality from the American shorthair and playful nature from the stable Burmese ancestors. This feline enjoys being the center of attention as they are naturally cheerful and chatty. 

As much as they enjoy human attention, they are also curious and intelligent. This means that they can dig on the cabinet or prowl on the kitchen counter if they don’t receive enough of your attention. Keeping this little black panther busy is important to keep it happy. Providing a good amount of toys, including a cat tower, is beneficial considering that they like to climb and scratch a lot. 

Kittens are quite a jumper and climber. But as they age, they would enjoy a little couch time and a time to mellow out. But still, they enjoy fetching and playtime now and then. Due to its social nature, they’re not good enough on their own. It cannot be left alone for a long time, especially if it is the only pet in the household. 

Size And Physical Characteristic

As a medium-sized cat, the Bombay cat has a muscular and well-balanced body. It has a medium-length tail and does not appear compact. The adult male weighs around 8 to 15 pounds, and the female one has a smaller size. 

The distinctive physical feature of this breed is the sleek and short all-black coat with gold pair of eyes. The eyes range from gold to copper, and it stands out from the black coat. Though it is similar, the British Bombay’s eyes are green instead of gold. Not only his coat, the paws, nose, whiskers, eyelashes, and everything on him are all in black, which makes them easily recognized. 

Surprisingly, the newly born kitten is white, but Judging from the looks, the Bombay cat is not much different from a panther. Surprisingly, they also share a similar personality when it comes to securing their territory. Their color darkens as they grow within the first year. 

Grooming And Care 

Having a short coat, grooming does not require too much work. You can give it a few brushes or strokes on the coat every once a week. Removing the dead hair is also easy since you can use wet chamois to prevent excess shedding and hairballs. Do this continuously every week to maintain its shiny black coat. 

Aside from the coat, brushing the teeth once a week is also mandatory, along with removing dirt build-up from the eyes and checking the ears build up. Dental checking may be necessary once in a while since they are prone to gingivitis. They also need regular nail trim once in a couple of weeks. You also need to make sure its litter box is always clean. 

Living With Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat is very easy to adapt and train to. They love to observe the world around them, and their favorite place in the house is probably the window where they can observe the world. Judging from the looks, the Bombay cat is not much different from a panther. 

Surprisingly, they also share a similar personality when it comes to securing their territory. However, they easily get along not only with family members but also with other pets, including dogs. 

However, you may need to pay close attention to make sure nobody overpower another. Though they are pretty adaptable, as pages like  https://www.holistapet.com/cat-breeds/bombay/ mention that they are territorial and can be wary of other cats, they just want to be the boss of the house, but that does not mean you cannot have other pets. You just need to slowly introduce them to give them time to adjust and make sure that they get along well. 


This breed can reach 20 years of age, but it has to be always in good health. A regular check-up with the veterinarian is important to make sure your feline is in good condition. Though they are considered a healthy breed, they also have common health problems such as sinus, loss of appetite, and runny nose. 

They should also have regular exercise to prevent becoming overweight. Also, they are best kept indoors to prevent disease spread from other felines or facing dangers outside. 


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