Throwing an outfit together at the very last minute can cause its own separate kind of stress. It’s difficult to curate a thoughtfully chic outfit that’s also effortless and cool under the pressure of a time crunch. Instead, you want to just look like you threw something on and ended up looking utterly fabulous. It’s a tough act to balance most of the time stunning dresses that makes you look elegant. 

Sometimes, time isn’t the only factor in outfit stress, though. Certain mornings (and sometimes multiple consecutive mornings) bring with them a number of stressors like anxiety, tiredness or simply a lack of creativity and therefore less interest in choosing an awesome outfit. It’s important to know that a stellar outfit, even if casual, can turn your day and your mood around. Whether you need a go-to inspiring outfit for days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or a few great options you can put together without thinking, we’ve got you covered. Here are four go-to outfit formulas for the times when you have no idea what to wear. 

1. Easy and Monochromatic: Perhaps the easiest outfit formula is simply to choose a bunch of items in similar shades and throw them together. Nine times out of ten, it looks like you took the time to actually get your life together and style yourself thoughtfully. To avoid an unwanted fashion faux pas, remember to wear a bra and panties that are seamless so your outfit shines without any distracting bumps or lines. 

The great thing about this outfit formula is that it has the potential to change through both the seasons and the color spectrum. No one will ever notice if you use this as your last-minute outfit go-to and it can even be applied for nicer occasions. 

2. A Skirt with Layers on Top: A skirt is so versatile because it can change so much as you style it. The casual version of this outfit formula might include a cotton miniskirt with a white t-shirt and either sandals or a pair of sneakers. If you’re stuck in an outfit rut when it comes to nicer occasions, go for a tea-length or maxi skirt and a fitted tank top tucked in at the waist. Add jewelry and a leather jacket with chunky heels and a cute clutch and you’re all set for dinner or drinks on the town! 

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3. A Jumpsuit and Booties: An outfit that is primarily made up of only one main piece is a must-have in your go-to ensemble repertoire. If you have one of those jumpsuits that makes you feel like a million bucks every time you wear it out of the house, then put it in the go-to section of your wardrobe. In order to avoid wearing the exact same jumpsuit outfit every time you’re in a pinch, you can take some inspiration from your collection of accessories. Belting a jumpsuit, switching up your heels or adding a layer on top or underneath can make it feel like you’re looking at the outfit with fresh eyes. 

To make the fit of your jumpsuit look even more seamless, consider adding in a piece of shapewear underneath. This simple addition has the power to make any jumpsuit look like it was made to fit your body, whether you go for a hip shaper, compression bra or even a smoothing bodysuit. 

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4. The Perfect Dress: Some might say that the perfect dress doesn’t exist, but it’s definitely something you can decide for yourself. If you have a dress in your closet that you keep pulling off the hanger because you love it so much, consider it #1 on your go-to list. Whether it’s a curve-hugging LBD or a flowy boho number that brings out your natural beauty, you should always have a dress as part of an emergency outfit formula. 

Undergarments are key when it comes to wearing a dress, so for more casual, airy dresses, consider wearing a pretty bralette so your regular bra straps don’t peek out. If your go-to dress is more fitted and shows off the shape of your body, you don’t want any pesky panty lines showing through. Go for a seamless thong or even shaper shorts to keep things looking smooth no matter how long you have it on. 

Your set of go-to outfits should make you feel confident no matter what mood you’re in on any given day. Consider them a set of backup armor to wear when you’re in a pinch, you run out of time or just because you want to!


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