Most of the population in India completely depends on Borewells. After the revolution in agriculture, usage of borewells has essentially increased for irrigation purposes. Based on the local aquifer level, soil-rock quality, and usage arrangement, the working endurance of a borewell differs. In this sense, UPVC casing pipe for borewells has proved the most successful for drinking and agricultural water. 

In borewells, casing pipes serve particular purposes, and they are a significant investment. There have been various technical research, and all of them show that the borewell casing pipes’ materials must have these characteristics: 

  • Thick, unfailing stiffness 
  • No harmful elements 
  • Increased hydrostatic collapse pressure 
  • Minimum electro-conductivity 
  • Less chemical reactions 
  • Reduced possibilities of microbial development 
  • Easy transportation and handling 
  • Zero-maintenance and highly functional life 

Different Uses of Casing Pipes 

1. The use of casing pipe is to hold the oil and gas well walls to make sure the general operation of the entire well post the drilling procedure. Each well is reliant on diverse depths of geology and drilling, using many casing layers.

2. The oil special pipe is employed explicitly to dig gas and oil wells and obtain gas and oil. It involves oil casings, drill pipes, and oil pipes. Oil drill pipes are mostly used to link drill collars and bits and broadcast drilling power. The oil casing is generally used for holding the well wall throughout and later finishing the drilling procedure. This makes sure the drilling procedure and the usual operation of the whole well after finishing. The oil pipe usually transfers the gas and oil at the base of the oil well. 

3. Casing pipes are the lifeline for continuing the working of the well. Because of different geological situations, the condition of the downhole is complex. Also, the mixed action of compression, tension, torsion stress, and bending works on the pipe frame, which keeps high needs on the casing quality itself. Once the casing is broken for some reason, it may come out as a decrease in production and even disposition of the whole well. 

Why are UPVC casing pipes the best for borewells? 


Unplasticized polyvinyl (PVC) used in UPVC pipes make them specifically hard and long-lasting even in continuous pressure and stress. A very high hydrostatic collapse pressure makes this pipe ideal for borewells over a range of soil-rock creations and water pressure. UPVC pipes stay long, so you do not need to worry about changing them soon. If you buy a quality UPVC pipe, it can frequently have over 100 years of service life. 

Leak-proof material 

Water is important for human endurance and gets polluted easily if not looked after correctly. Pollution takes place when sub-surface water gets into the borewell and impacts the water quality. So, UPVC casings are non-porous and leak-proof. Using UPVC pipes is the best method to keep your borewell pure to stop any pollution from taking place.  

Resistant to electrochemical & chemical reactions 

Rock-soil composition and continuous contact with groundwater are one of the biggest challenges. Minerals present in the soil-rock generally react with materials of casing in the presence of oxidizers such as water and create decomposition. UPVC casings are resistant to decomposition because they are not exposed to electrochemical and chemical reactions. Thus, you can be sure in all kinds of soil-rock surroundings and get safe and pure water for drinking as well as irrigational purposes. 


Even though you can own low-quality borewell casing pipes, they will not be as strong as UPVC pipes. It is important to invest in a lasting product that would help in offering water for use in your house and farming. Instead of increased rigidity and strength of the material, UPVC is weightless. This feature makes UPVC pipes easily transportable, handled, and installed. Thus, saving effort, time, and money. The set-up is fast and simple. 


Casing pipe in borewell is the most significant thing, which includes an indicative investment. Therefore, it is good to select only the quality pipes from trustworthy PVC pipe manufacturers. Topline Industries, a leading manufacturer of casing pipes and various other pipes in India, will assist with all your queries related to borewells.

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