There’s nothing quite like a romantic at-home date night to share with your sweetheart. It’s a chance to wind down after a long week, and spend time with the person you love most. But, sometimes our date nights can get a little bit stale. We end up ordering from the same takeout places over and over again, picking the same old flowers out, and end up falling asleep on the couch to the same reality TV. While a low key at-home date night can be nice, it shouldn’t be the norm. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips to fire up your next date night at home. From getting the ambiance right with the perfect playlist to trying out a new candle set to create a romantic aroma, you’ll be ready to rekindle your date night flame!

Scent the Mood

One of the easiest ways to set a date night mood is by choosing a candle to light during it. There’s no mood killer quite like a waft of the scent of cat litter, or some garbage that needs taking out. Avoid any unpleasant home odors by trying out a new candle set. If you’re not sure what scent will be the perfect aroma for your night of love, you can get a candle set that allows you to try a variety of samples before you choose which one you want to keep. You can keep and pay for all the candles in the set, or just save the ones you want and send back the rest. Once you’ve picked your favorite scent from the candle set, it’s time to light it and get your date night started. 

Try Out a New Food Delivery Box or Tasting Menu

Food is an essential part of any great date night out on the town – and the same goes for at-home dates. You probably have some go-to meals that you cook, but date night is the time to switch it up. Try adding a new recipe to your routine with a new food delivery box. You’ll get the ingredients shipped directly to you, so you and your sweetheart don’t have to worry about running to the grocery store before your romantic night in. Plus, there are a ton of meal delivery box options for any kind of cuisine you’re craving. In the mood for Italian? Try ordering a pasta-themed box. Do fish dishes make you feel fancy? Get a delivery from a fish market. Or, if you’re not big fans of cooking, you could get a charcuterie box, filled with various meats and cheeses that you and your partner can assemble a delicious cheese board with. Whatever food you’re in the mood for on your next date night, there’s a delivery box for it. 

Pick Tunes for the Perfect Romantic Playlist

Every romantic evening at home requires an equally amorous playlist. Surprise your love with a playlist of all your shared favorite songs. Add music that inspires memories: the tune that was playing over the speakers at the restaurant where you had your first date, the song that was on the radio when you took your first road trip together, or if you’re married, the song you had your first dance to. Present the playlist to your partner on the night of your date, and have them add any other songs they can think of that are oh-so you two. 

Surprise Your Partner with a Gift

Sure, it’s nice to get a gift on a birthday, holiday or anniversary – but date nights deserve some gifting too! As a sweet surprise to your partner, get them an at-home date night gift. It can be something they’ve been needing for a while, like a gift card to a local massage parlor or a piece of jewelry or clothing they’ve had their eye on for months. Alternatively, you can get them a gift that doubles as an activity for you both to do during your date: for instance, if your cutie is a fan of crafting, you could get a set of ceramic items to paint. Your beloved will adore the surprise, and you’ll get the chance to share a passion of theirs with them. The truth is, there’s never a bad time for a bit of gift giving!

Having an at-home date night is a time to celebrate everything you and your partner love about each other, and your relationship. Over time, date nights can start to get a little routine, so it’s important to take the opportunity to spice things up. Try a new scented candle set, cook up something fresh with a meal delivery box, put on the perfect playlist, or get your partner a surprise gift to show affection – heck, why not all of the above! Your next at-home date night is sure to be one to remember. 


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